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As industry leaders, we’ve helped mortgage brokers close thousands of successful deals. Because we offer advantages you won’t find anywhere else.

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Eight Good Reasons a Mortgage from Quorum is a Good Choice

Partner Portal
Take control with all your loans on Quorum's Partner Portal, a platform that allows you to work faster with instant access.
Common Sense Underwriting
We take a common-sense approach to underwriting. Because, to us, a borrower is more than just a credit score.
Award Winning Credit Union
For the fifth year in a row we were ranked one of the Top Ten Credit Unions in 2023 by Bankrate.
Borrow up to 90% CLTV
Benefit from additional financing options that can help clients avoid PMI, jumbo financing, cash shortfalls and down-payment deficits. A Quorum HELOC offers more.
Qualification Sheet
Preliminary identify if your client will qualify for a loan from Quorum using our improved Qualification Sheet.
Quick Prequalification
Beyond fast approvals, Quorum offers simple application, attentive 24/7 personal service and so much more.
Borrower Paid Broker Compensation
Earn up to 2% borrower paid compensation on the line amount. There are no minimum draws and no early termination fees.
Easily Accessible Required Documents
Conveniently access Quorum’s
Submission Form
and HELOC Acknowledgement Form to submit for a loan.