Avoid the Ups and Downs.
With Quorum, You’re Just Up.

Keep your finances headed in the right direction with Quorum’s HighMarq savings account and earn a market-leading 3.00% APY*.


Freedom and Flexibility

Earn 3.00% APY Without Locking Up Your Money

HighMarq can help you maximize your earnings without tying up your money so you can access your funds whenever you need to, penalty-free. You'll enjoy the flexibility of a liquid savings account with a high savings APY. There's no minimum balance required to open the account, but you will need to maintain a $10,000 minimum balance to earn 3.00% APY*. 

Plus, unlike other savings accounts, you can request an ATM or Debit** card for your HighMarq account so you can access cash via our expansive network of over 90,000 fee-free ATMs!

Quick and Easy Application

It Takes Less Than 5 Minutes to Open an Account Online

Ready to start earning a higher APY on your money? Our easy and secure online application will guide you through the process every step of the way. You'll be able to fund your account at the time of application or choose to do it later.


Highly Rated by Bankrate

Named One of the Top 10 Credit Unions in the U.S. by Bankrate

For the FOURTH year in a row, Bankrate has named Quorum one of the top 10 credit unions in the U.S. Among its reasons for choosing us this year were our extensive network of free ATMs across the country, our modern bank technologies, and how easy we make it to become a member. Once again, they have branded us as a digital leader, an honor we hold dear, as we work towards digital transformation and creating a frictionless experience for our members.


Highly Rated by Members

Bank on Your Terms with Quorum's Highly-rated Mobile Banking App

Our mobile banking app brings the convenience and dependability of an online credit union to your mobile device, so you can bank on-the-go, on your own terms.

In addition to the standard options that come with most mobile banking apps, like the ability to view your account activity and transfer funds, we offer other free banking services like: mobile check deposits (lets you deposit checks via your mobile device), bill pay (helps you pay and keep track of your bills in one place), and Zelle® (lets you send money to virtually anyone in the US)!

Our members love our app, and we think you will too!

Quorum Federal Credit Union’s mobile banking app displaying the mobile deposit screen.
"This app is so fantastic! It makes deposits so easy as I don't have to find a storefront location anymore; I can deposit in seconds. All my banking information is a touch away. Absolutely love this app." Ictaub, Quorum Member, iOS User
"Best customer service; user-friendly website. Love the ease of transferring funds, paying bills, downloading statements. And mobile deposits—never had a problem." Cwooder, Quorum Member, iOS User
"Having a powerful banking app like this is essential because of my remote location. There is very little that I cannot accomplish with this banking app!" Ted H., Quorum Member, Android User
"A very well-designed and smooth-running app. I very rarely have issues with it and any problems are fixed quickly. It's easy to access all my accounts and I do everything I need to do right from the app." Quorum Member, Google User

Need More Reasons to Bank with Quorum?

Good for Your Wallet and Good for You

When you open a HighMarq Savings account, you're also signing up to become a Quorum member. This membership is your key to more market-leading banking products you can only get from an online credit union. Don't worry, there's no additional fee or step for this—it’s part of our easy, online account application.

Why choose Quorum? And why put your money into a Quorum account? Our member-owned, online credit union is a not-for-profit organization. Instead of paying stockholders, we take our profits and distribute them right back to you in the form of competitive rates on savings products and lower interest rates on loans.

Since Quorum is an established online-only credit union, our low overhead costs allow us to keep giving our valued members access to incredible savings opportunities. Our members can bank with confidence from the comfort of their own homes, knowing they’ll always receive top-notch service and benefits as part of the Quorum family.

We call it "Banking That's Good. For You.™"

Financial Choice

We are dedicated to creating banking products that help our members with their everyday needs and life goals. When we offer up choices, we make them simple by boiling them down to what's good for you—and your wallet.

Financial Empowerment

We want our members to be confident in the financial decisions they make, at every life stage. This is why we invest in tools and resources—like our Learning Hub and budgeting calculators—that can help them make good choices.

Financial Security

We’re backed by the full faith of the U.S. Government. So, your deposits are federally insured by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) up to $250,000.

Financial Experience

Our members power our business. This is why we continue to invest in online and mobile banking solutions that make banking with us simple and easy—because happy members are good for business.

Quorum Learning Hub

A Good Resource for Your Financial Needs

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How Do Fed Rate Changes Impact Your Finances?

Whenever your news feed says that the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates or lowered them, you probably wonder exactly what that means for you. Read this article to get a better understanding of how exactly Fed Rate changes impact you.


Eight Scenarios When an Emergency Fund Saves the Day

Despite such warnings, a Federal Reserve survey indicates that just over half of U.S. adults at the end of 2020 had a rainy-day fund that would last three months.

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Eight Ways to Reduce Inflation’s Sting on Your Wallet

While you can’t control the larger economic forces that cause inflation, you can control your reaction to it by making some spending adjustments that can help you manage your finances better.

Smiling woman with glasses, smiling at laptop screen and managing her financial accounts.

Easy 5-Minute Online Application

Ready to Open a HighMarq Savings Account?

Join over 70,000 members who chose to save with Quorum.


*The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is in effect as of 09/22/2022. The minimum balance to earn the 3.00% APY is $10,000. There is no minimum balance to open or maintain the account, and no monthly fee, as long as you register for and maintain eStatements. If you choose to receive paper statements there will be a $10 monthly fee. Subject to transaction restrictions per Federal Regulation D.

Membership is required to open a HighMarq Savings Account or any other account with Quorum. Membership with Quorum is part of the online application process.

**A Quorum Checking Account is required in order to request a Debit Mastercard. To learn more about Quorum checking accounts, click here